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Today In Metal History December 3rd, 2022OZZY OSBOURNE, SLAYER, THE BEATLES, THE WHO

TALENT WE LOST R.I.P. Duane Roland (MOLLY HATCHET) - December 3rd, 1953 - June 19th, 2006 HEAVY BIRTHDAYS Happy 74th OZZY OSBOURNE (BLACK SABBATH) - December 3rd, 1948 (photo credit above: Mike Bax) Happy 73rd Mickey Thomas (JEFFERSON STARSHIP, STARSHIP) - December 3rd, 1949 v HEAVY RELEASES Happy 57th THE BEATLES Rubber...

Posted on Dec 03, 2022

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  • The Amenta
    "An Epoch Ellipsis"

  • Feuerschwanz
    "Ultima Nocte"

  • Bullet For My Valentine


  • Depleted Uranium
    "Beta Particles"

  • Decerebration
    "Infamous Duality"